Final design

Final design in environment

Diagram of vase function of how it forces condensation and feeds it to the plant

NAME: Dew Spring
TYPE: Product Design
MATERIAL: Acrylic, Styrene, High-density Foam
SKILLS: Acrylic sheet bending, CNC mill, Vacuum Forming, Growing herbs
SUMMARY: In what began as an investigation into an object type, a vase in this case, the project quickly took on a separate path. It was no longer about an object, but rather how existing natural processes can inspire an artificial system that engages with those natural processes. Dew Spring is an exploration into the engagement of the artificial and the natural by using the natural phenomena of condensation to drive the design, aesthetic, and functionality of the project. As a result, a vase is no longer a place to display a plant, but rather a it is conceptualized as a capsule that captures the plant and its environs. Throughout the process of this project, research, studies, and fabrication techniques were explored. Though much more study is required to fully refine the idea, the proof of concept and a final physical form were reached.

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Dew Spring

Product Design