NAME: Nightstand
TYPE: Furniture Design
MATERIAL: Plywood, Aluminum
SKILLS: Woodworking, Metalworking – Sheet Metal
SUMMARY: Using the edge of plywood as the continuous surface, the wood bends and folds to create different shelves, table tops, structure, and aesthetic features. The design impetus is that of procession: you come in and drop off your keys/wallet, then you access your book collection, and finally go to bed where the piece acts as a nightstand. In order to maintain the thin profile of the wood, aluminum gussets are used to structurally support the piece, while signaling which areas are structure or usable surface.

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Piece in use. Dropping off keys as you come in. Checking out some books. Bedtime.

Process Photo. Clamping up the joints.

Process Photo. Clamping up the joints.

Assembly test.


Furniture Design