NAME: Tube Ampifier
TYPE: Product Design
MATERIAL: Plywood, Aluminum
SKILLS: Woodworking, Electrical Design
SUMMARY: I wanted to build an amp that could fit into narrow spots like in between bookcases or on a shelf. The wooden body is made up of laminated plywood pieces that reveal its striations, and make it a visual focal point. The amp itself is a push-pull design made to have a heavy treble sound when played with the guitar bridge pickup and a distorted sound when played with the guitar neck pickup. The tubes are new-old stock (NOS) tubes found at a local electronics flea market. I designed the electric schematic and chassis.

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The first half shows the sound of the bridge pickup, and the second half shows the sound of the neck pickup. Notice the difference in sound quality, particularly the amount of distortion added when the neck pickup is used. My friend is playing a piece he has been working on. There are some grounding issues that need to be worked out, evidenced by the buzzing sound in the background.

Tubes lit up

Putting the boiled linseed oil finish onto the chassis

Testing the circuit

Electric schematic

Homebrew Amp

Amplifier Design