NAME: Sheet Metal Chair
TYPE: Furniture Design
MATERIAL: Aluminum, O-Rings
SKILLS: Metalworking – Sheet Metal, Weaving – O-Rings
SUMMARY: This project proposed to combine two materials, sheet aluminum and rubber o-rings, to create a chair. The aluminum is folded in an origami pattern to create the structure while the o-rings are weaved together to create a stretching basket where one sits in. Because bending the sheet metal can be difficult, especially when there are points where numerous folds meet, the sheet metal had to be broken up into multiple components, and then riveted together to create the singular structure. The o-ring mesh connects to the sheet metal through hooks, and is quite stable.

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The images show some of the processes in testing materials and forms. From the left set of images, paper studies were made to test the form and results of different fold patterns. When I went up in scale and began to use sheet metal instead of paper, the sheet metal had to be broken up for me to sensibly make the piece. You can see the fold pattern of the sheet metal and how they were divided. On the right, you can see the o-ring mesh in various forms and a diagram of the weave directions.

Sheet Metal Chair

Furniture Design