MDF Formwork

Diagram of each part with the corresponding formwork used to create bends

Laminating the strips together

After laminating the strips to create each part, they were then spliced together.

Splicing process photo

Nautical themes used for inspiration

Ideation sketches

NAME: Bent Wood Table
TYPE: Furniture Design
MATERIAL: Ash, MDF (formwork), Polyurethane (finish)
SKILLS: Woodworking – Bent Wood Lamination, CAD
SUMMARY: Using strips of ash lumber, the wood flows from the base to be the structure, table top, and back down to the base. Each strip is made of 3 layers of wood that are 1/8" thick by 2" wide and then spliced together to create loops. Afterwards, each loop is spliced together to create the depth required for a table top surface.

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Bent Wood Coffee Table

Furniture Design